Amazing Herb Amla & its profile.

Amla also known as Indian goosebery or Amlaki or Awala is an amazing herb having rich source of Vitamin C from the Family Euphorbiaceae. It is one of the three fruits of Triphala used in ayurvedic medicines. Latin name of Amla is Phyllanthus emblica Linn., Emblica officinalis, while its Synonym is Amlaki : Potent rejuvenator, Amrita, Amritaphala : Provides immortality, Dhatri, Dhatrika, Dhatriphala : for Rejuvenation, Tishya, Tishyaphala : an auspicious fruit. .

Ayurvedic Description of Amla : Rasa(taste) : sour and astringent, but the fruit has 5 tastes including sweet, bitter & pungent, Its Veerya(nature) is cool, Vipaka (taste developed through digestion) is sweet, Guna(qualities) : heavy, cold , dry, Doshas (effect on humors): soothes all three doshas: vata, kapha, pitta, and is especially effective for pitta .

Chemical constitution: A laboratory test showed that every 100g of fresh fruit provides 470 - 680mg of vitamin C. The vitamin value of Amla increased further when the juice was extracted from the fruit. The dehydrated berry provided 2428 - 3470mg of vitamin C per 100g. Its fruit along with vitamin C also contains galic acid, tannins and especially calcium.

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