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Ayurvedic Herb Amla - Most Potent Rejuvenator for all Ages.

Amla is the most powerful source of Vitamin C. Amla is indicated in various disorders involving vitiation or excess of Pitta. Amla is having vast benefits the most common ones are: For eyes, healthy digestion, hair care but as Amla(emblica officinalis) has anti-hyperglycemic and lipid-lowering properties it is helpful in the treatment of Cancer, Detoxification & Immunity. .

Amla for Cancer : Studies indicate that Amla and some of its phytochemicals are cytoxic to neoplastic cells, whereas the normal cells are unaffected. It is quite possible that these compounds exert their effects on neoplastic cells that have aberrant cell cycle progression. It is observed that these molecules induce apoptosis and cytotoxicity by modulating the proteins involved in cell progression.

Amla for Detoxification : Multiple studies have shown that amla possesses inhibitory effects on lipid peroxidation induced by various inducers. In-vitro studies have shown that amla prevents radiation induced lipid peroxidation.

Amla for Immunity : Immune activation is an effective protective approach against emerging infectious diseases and certain cancers. Immunostimulants enhance the overall immunity of the host, present a nonspecific immune response against microbial pathogens and increase humoral and cellular immune responses, by either enhancing cytokine secretion, or by directly stimulating B lymphocytes or T-lymphocytes

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