Gas, Constipation, Acidity
  • Aramhills 100g powder

Main Ingredients :Senna leaves, Amla, Ajwain, Himej, Jethimadh, Nisot

Aramhills 100g powder

Gas, Acidity & Constipation

Aramhills Laxative Powder is a wonderful combination of Ayurvedic herbs that help in supporting healthy digestion. This herbal formulation aids in cleansing the colon. Aramhills consists of herbs for occasional constipation that facilitate the activity of the digestive organs & helps easy excretion of the waste from the body

Benefits :

  • It is considered to have antioxidant properties.
  • May help improve overall digestion.
  • Considered as an effective colon cleanser.


Did you Know....

  • Aramhills is a wonderful Ayurvedic preparation of Senna leaves, Amla, Ajwain, Himej etc.which helps in digestion and treating constipation.
  • Senna leaves is considered to have laxative properties which may help in the treatment of constipation management.
  • Amla May aid in digestion & is considered to be an effective colon cleanser
  • Himej is considered to be a gentle bowel cleanser & may be helpful in treating constipation
  • Black Salt may be useful in gastritis conditions & improving digestion
  • Ajwain helps to support healthy digestion & metabolism
Aramhills facts

Suggested Use : Take 3.5 gms powder at bedtime or as advised by the physician

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