Herb Description

Bhrungraj a tropical annual is a creeping and moisture-loving herb, it has a short, flat or round, brown stem and small white flowers on a long stalk. It grows 3" tall; the leaves are opposite and lance-shaped. This plant has cylindrical, grayish roots. The solitary flower heads are 6–8 mm in diameter, with white florets. The achenes are compressed and narrowly winged. This species grows commonly in moist places as a weed in warm temperate to tropical areas worldwide. It is widely distributed throughout India, China, Thailand, and Brazil.


Bhrungraj offers a multitude of benefits fro health and beauty. Bhringraj is considred as a rasayan. It is known for its rejevenative properties. It corrects the metabolism by balancing the doshas. It is considered as a nervine tonic. It pacifies the Pitta, Vata, Kapha doshas. It is a tonic to circulatory, digestive. nervous system. Bhrungraj works wonders on liver disorders. As liver controls the hair, nails, skin, Bhrungraj therefore improves hair and skin health. It possess diuretic, hypotensive and hypocholestromic properties and helps in alleviating oxidative stress. The plant has a reputation as an anti ageing agent in Ayurveda.

Home Remedies Receipes

  • Take 3 gm of Brungraj powder daily with water for several days. It acts as rasayana and provides rejuvenating effect
  • Mix Bhrungraj Powder and salt. Take it with water. It gives relief in burning sensation in urine.
  • Mix Bhrungraj Powder with Amla Powder makes a paste and apply on hair. Wash after some time. It promotes hair growth

Key Ingredients

Bhrungraj powder, Amla powder, salt

Botanical name

Eclipta alba, Eclipta prostata

Common Names

False daisy, Bringraj, Keshraj, Maka, Trailing eclipta, Karisilanganni, Kavanthakara

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