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Main Ingredients :Khatika, Godanti bhasma, Shankha bhasma, Mukta sukti bhasma

Calcihills 60 Capsules

Bone Health

The selection of herbs in Calcihills is based upon a long standing use as a traditional solution to promote joint health, support bone metabolism & maintain bone density.


Benefits :

  • Protects and builds your bones with natural calcium care ingredients.
  • Promotes joint health.
  • Supports bone metabolism and maintains bone density.


Did you Know....

  • Khatika is used to pacify acidity, swelling, burning sensation and excessive perspiration. Since Khatika contains calcium carbonate, it helps to provide calcium supplement.
  • Godanti bhasma is sheeta (cot in potency), alleviates pitta dosha, helps arrest bleeding amd ameliorates hyperacidity.
  • Shankha bhasma is alkaline in nature, Balya (increases strength), Grahi and indicated in Amlapitta (Hyperacity), Agnimandya (Digestive insufficiency), irritable bowl syndrome etc. It basically contains inorganic substances, such as carbonates of Calcium, Iron, Magnesium and Calcium oxide. It is an excellent calcium supplement.
Calcihills Facts

Suggested Use : Take 1 capsule twice daily after meals or as directed by the physician.

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