Chitrak root

Herb Description

Chitrak is a herb that grows wild in India and is native to SE Asia. It is a much branched, evergreen shrub that reaches about 6 feet in height. Its leaves are dark green and ovate to 6 inches long by half as wide. They are fast growing plants, but their size is easily controlled by pot size and pruning. The flowers are white in showy dense racemes and will flower all year long. Individual flowers are up to ½ inch. Chitrak needs full sun to partial shade with intermediate to warm temperatures. The fruits are like a small cocklebur with glue on the soft spines and they will stick to anything. The root and root bark and seeds are used medicinally as a stimulant, caustic, digestion, antiseptic, anti-parasitic.


Chitrak root is the best Ayurevdic digestive power enhancer. It enhances the circulation of gastric mucous membrane and thus helps in digestion and absorption. It helps alleviate vitiated conditions of vata and kapha like recurrent and chronic rhinitis, dry, painful and itchy piles, flatulence, edema, cough etc. The roots are acrid, pungent , astringent and contains plumbagin as its main constituent. It is considered as a good appetizer and as anti inflammatory, digestive, gastric, nervous stimulant and rejuvenative.

Home Remedies Receipes

  • Chitrak root is a good appetizer and should be given in powder form in the dose of 1-2 gm along with 5 gm powder of Mustaka in loss of appetite, indigestion and diarrhea.
  • Massage of oil, prepared with Chitraka is beneficial in joint disorders like Sandhivata, Amavata, etc.
  • The decoction of Chitrak in the dose of 5 to 10 ml. should be given in urinary stone problems.

Key Ingredients

Chitrak root, Musthaka

Botanical name

Plumbagoi Zeylanica

Common Names

Leadwort, Cheeta, Chita, Chitramulamu, chitro, chittiri, Sheetaraj, Sheetar

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