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  • Manjulahills 100g powder

Main Ingredients :Babul bark, Jambul Bark, Bakul bark, Vajradanti stem, Lavang fruit, Dalchini bark

Manjulahills 100g powder

Dant Manjan - Dental Health

Manjulahills Dant Manjan Powder is a unique formulation of 21 vital ingredients which is a revolution in managing dental problems.


Benefits :

  • Helps to take care of various dental and oral problems.
  • Supports healthy & strong teeth.
  • May protect tooth enamel.
  • Regular brushing with Manjulahills, helps keep the mouth clean and gives a fresher breath


Did you Know....

  • Babul bark helps to stop bleeding from gums. Helps prevent bacterial growth in the gums and prevent tooth decay.
  • Jambul bark helps to stop bleeding from gums. Helps in giving strength to gums. Has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Vajradanti Has anti-inflammatory properties. Helps cure varios gum disorders & also stops bleeding from gums.
  • Bakul bark Can be used as a gargle in salvation. gives strength to gums. May be useful in pyorrhoea and bleeding gums.
  • Lavang fruit and Dalchini bark helps to remove bad smell of breath. Antiseptic property helps prevent tooth decay.
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