Green Food Supplement

Organic Green Food Supplement - Super Food

Organic Green Food Supplement product range straight from Herbal Hills own Organic Farm which includes :

  • Herbal Hills has its own land for herbal cultivation in Lonavala (India), where all cultivation is done with Organic farming practices, without using any chemicals.
  • Herbal Hills also has its own State-of-Art Farm where only Gir Cow (Indian variety) are bred. All cows are reared in healthy environment & fed with Organic fodder.
  • Herbal Hills has High-Tech Processing & Manufacturing Unit at Lonavala, where optimum Quality Standard is achieved.
  • Our Expert technical professionals and the advices of Ayurveda Doctors are always in research process to give the best Dietary Supplements.
  • Herbal Hills meets all International Food Safety, Quality Guidelines & Certificates like USDA, NPOP & NOP (USDA Standard), ISO, HALAL etc.

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