Hair Shampoo
  • Keshohills 200ml Ultra Hair Wash
  • Keshohills Ultra Hair Wash 500ml

Main Ingredients :
Shikakai, Amla, Mehendi, Methi seeds, Aloe Juice

Keshohills200 ml

Hair Wash

Benefits :

  • May help to gently cleanse and remove dirt, oil and other build up
  • May help control hair loss
  • May help to strengthen and protect the hair


Did you Know....

  • The selection of herbs in Keshohills Ultra Hair Wash is based upon long-standing use as a traditional remedy to stimulate hair growth while treating dandruff and eliminating flaky, dry, and itchy scalp. Additionally, benefits helps to improve hair texture and shine.
  • Shikakai contain natural saponins that helps cleanse scalp.
  • Amla and Mehendi are considered as a nourisher and conditioner.
  • Methi seeds have cleansing, nourishing property.
  • Regular use helps to reduce harmful effect of daily exposure to chemicals and pollution.
Hair Shampoo Kit

Direction for Application : Apply 3 ml Keshohills Ultra Hair Wash on scalp, foam and then wash. Repeat if required.

  • Keshohills Ultra Kit

    Keshohills Ultra Kit

    • Formulation - Keshohills - 60 tablets
    • Hair Oil - Keshohills Ultra Oil - 100 ml
    • Hair Wash - Keshohills Ultra Hair Wash - 200 ml

    Direction for Use :
    Keshohills tablet - Take 1 tablet twice a day
    Hair Oil: Apply sufficient quantity on Hair roots, leave it overnight & wash with Keshohills Hair wash
    Hair Wash : Apply 3 ml Hair wash on scalp, foam & then wash
  • Hair Care Kit for Speedy, Effective & Complete Result

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