Herb Description

Long pepper is known as pippali in India, the word pepper itself is derived from the Sanskrit word for long pepper, pippali. Pippali is indigenous to North-eastern and Southern India and Sri Lanka. A scandent perennial aromatic shrub with jointed branches, the entire plant is pungent. The leaves are many and cordate, while the flowers grow on solitary spikes. The male and female spikes are produced on different plants, and while the male spikes are slender with narrow bracts, the female ones are 1.3-2.5cm, with circular flat peltate bracts. The fruit, which is very small, is sunk inside the fleshy spike, and is blackish green and shining. Long pepper is the unripe spike of the plant. It is that part of the plant that is used in medicines. The root, which is thick and branched, is also medically important and is called modi or pippali-moolam


Pippali is valued in Ayurvedic medicine and foods for enhancing digestion and metabolism. It is combined with dried ginger and black pepper to form trikatu , which can be taken to help regulate cholesterol and help prevent obesity. It is also used to treat coughs, colds, fevers and rheumatism. Pippali has a folklore reputation as an aphrodisiac, and is believed to improve vitality.

Home Remedies Receipes

  • For hypothyroidism - Mix equal quantities of Pippali powder, black pepper and dry ginger powder. Consume half teaspoon twice a day with lukewarm water.
  • For Rejuvenation - Take one tbs of Pippali powder, add ½ tbs of black pepper and ½ tbs dry ginger powder. Mix this with 1 tbs of cow ghee and add 1 tbs honey.
  • For Common Cold - Take dry Ginger Powder 50 gms, Black Pepper Powder 50 gms. and Pipali Powder 50 gms. Mix them well and keep it bottled. Take half a teaspoon with Honey three times a day
  • To avoid Travel sickness - Take a pinch of dry Ginger Powder, pinch of Black Pepper Powder, pinch of Pippali Powder, pinch of Cardamom Powder, Lemon Juice ¼ tsp. and Honey ¼ tsp. Mix them well. Take it before travel. This will prevent vomiting.

Key Ingredients

Pippali powder, Ginger powder, Black pepper, Cow ghee, Cardamon powder

Botanical name

Piper longum

Common Names

Pippali, Indian long pepper, Pippli, Magadhi, Magdhi, Kana, Lsnger Pfeffer, Lindipipper, Bengal Pepper, Indonesian Long Pepper, Java Pepper

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