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Did you Know....

  • Wheatgrass is effective in supporting various metabolic functions which in turn brings about detoxification of the body systems and further enhances nutrients.
  • Essential micronutrients in Wheatgrass helps to improve Immunity, making it to be highly useful in diseases like Cancer, Diabetes, Heart ailments & other long standing diseases.
  • High concentration of Chlorophyll, Flavonoids, Enzymes makes it a good choice for every age group from childhood to old age for regular use

Benefits :

  • Excellent metabolic support & may help in detoxification
  • May help improve Immunity, thus may help in Healthy Cell Care & Blood sugar control
  • Good source of Micronutrients & essential elements
  • May help purify blood & enhances blood quality & quantity
Wheatgrass Facts

Wheatgrass Flavour - Powder & Sachet

  • Wheatgrass 100 gms - Orange
  • Wheatgrass 2g x 30 sachet - Orange

Suggested Use :
Powder: Take 1 rounded spoon (approx 3.5g) once in the morning on empty stomach or as directed by physician
Tablet : Take 2 tablets twice daily for maintaining good health or as directed by physician.
Sachet : Take 1 sachet daily once in the morning on empty stomach or as directed by physician

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